Sex-Linked Lutino is a sex-linked recessive mutation which removes melanin throughout the plumage as well as soft tissue such as legs, beak, nails which appear pink, and eyes which appears red from when the egg is hatched.

This mutation was established in the United States of America in 1958 and is widely available around the world.

There is a second recessive lutino mutation which is called Non Sex-Linked Lutino also known as NSL Lutino which has appeared in Europe and developed independently from the Sex-Linked Lutino.

This mutation when established had poor quality features such as poor vision, baldness and poor vigor which seems to be something of the past as this mutation at current date has the same if not better features than normal Cockatiels in some cases, there are still cases of baldness under Lutino Cockatiels, but this trait is genetic and cross breeding to normal proves to eradicate this feature.

This mutation can combine with other sex-linked mutations such as Cinnamon, Pearl, Sex-Linked Yellow Cheek as well as Platinum through cross-over to produce a combined phenotype, these mutations rest on the same set of chromosomes, but not the same position therefore this is possible for these mutations to be added to the mix without removing any of the features from the other genes. Lutino also combines well with Psittacin removing and altering mutations such as Whiteface and Par-Blue.

It is considered undesirable to pair this mutation to mutations that Dilute and Alter melanin such as Pied, Dominant Silver, Olive and Emerald as well as Fallow mutations such as Bronze Fallow and Ashen Fallow which would be masked by the Lutino mutation and would mask all of the above.