Ashen Fallow also known as Recessive Silver or Smokey Fallow is an autosomal recessive mutation with one of the perceptible indicators of this mutation being red eyes along with minimal dilution throughout the plumage, mature birds retain red eyes throughout their life time and the plumage is diluted minimally to produce a slight silver glaze hence it is also incorrectly known as Recessive Silver, offspring are born with red eyes that they retain as they mature.

Ashen Fallow dilutes grey pigmentation to light grey, therefore this mutation can be considered a true fallow mutation. This mutation was established in Europe in the 1960’s and is widely available around the world.

Ashen Fallow is not an allele of the Bronze Fallow mutation and a pairing of these mutations to one another would not result in fallow offspring.

Pairing Ashen Fallow to Ashen Fallow would weaken the Ashen Fallow gene pool and quality of offspring. It is always recommended pairing split to Ashen Fallow to Ashen Fallow, this would produce stronger offspring and mitigate the risk of poor vision/quality in offspring. 
This mutation combines well with psittacin-altering mutations as well as melanin-altering mutations such as Recessive Pied and Pearl, pairing Ashen Fallow to any mutation that reduces/removes melanin could result in undesirable color offspring that would be difficult to identify without having profound knowledge of the birds lineage.