Lilac is not a mutation on it’s own ,but rather a combination of rare mutations producing a combined phenotype that seems unusual. The desired instance of these mutations is to produce a Single Factor Silver with beautiful edging with red eyes that is apparent with the dilution from the fallow mutation minimally effecting the dilution and edging that has already taken place from the dominant silver. 

Lilacs can have multiple phenotype’s ,but as a breeders we all can decide which instance of lilac is our favorite. The name Lilac is unusual to this combination of mutations and it is important to note that since Cockatiels cannot produce any structural blue or green coloration that no purple pigments can be produced and therefore this name should be considered incorrect.

This combination was first produced in Thailand where it was imported into South Africa in 2016 and made available to the general public shortly thereafter.

It would be considered undesirable to combine this combination of mutations with Pied, Cinnamon, Lutino, Emerald, Olive or Bronze Fallow as adding these mutations would not compliment any of the features produced in the combination known as lilac.